Food:  Naturally, food should be categorized into 2 sections.. grocery and restaurant.  Lucky for us in Manzanita, there is a 3rd category, that we’ll call “fresh off the boat”..which we’ll get to later in this section.


From a grocery perspective, Manzanita covers all your bases.  Both Manzanita Fresh Foods ( and the newly dressed up Little Apple Grocery ( will have everything you need, from fresh produce, meats, fishes and Deli, right through to sundries, toiletries, small hardware needs, and great beer and wine selections.  Their selections span the gamut of organics to conventional, and everything in between.  Arguably Fresh Foods is a much bigger store with a wider selection of choices and brands, but we would say you are in good hands with either shop.  Firewood and kindling can be had at both stores.


If you are strictly organic, we suggest Mother Nature’s Natural Foods (  Known for their organic produce, mile and protein alternatives, fresh baked goods, great bulk section full of spices, flours and coffees.  Situated right next to Left Coast Siesta, a good little shop (and great for those hard to find items) open daily from 9am-7pm.


Restaurants: Manzanita boasts mighty fine eats which span the range of kid, takeout, eat in, date night, breakfast, lunch and dinner options. 


To make things easy, what we’ll do here is start on Laneda Ave (the main street of Manzanita) at the beach, and work our way east to 101. 


Manzanita Coffee:

Great little coffee spot next to Marzano’s pizza with the big old coffee maker, pastries and sweets and a good selection of ice cream. 


Perfect pizza to have at the beach.  While they currently only do takeout (hopefully they’ll bring back the dining room service soon) the predesigned pies are fantastic, and naturally you can build your own.  You should not be at a loss for toppings.  Super fun to get your pizza and eat it on the beach while watching the sun set. 

El Trio Loco:


San Dune Pub:

Whether you’re looking for a cozy seat next to the fire, saddled up to the bar or outside on the terrace, the San Dune will look after you.  Drinks and beers aplenty, the menu is varied and portions are generous (great fish and chips, tots, burgers, salads..)  Even though the menu is perfect for a family night out, alas, minors are not allowed (due to the poker machines in back). 

Bread and Ocean:

Well known for their prepared breakfasts and lunches (most righteous breakfast sandwich we’ve had on the coast), Bread and Ocean is open daily until 2pm.  Their in house bakery is one of the best on the coast, specialty breads, sweets, and goodies galore.   They are now starting a dinner service on weekends, supported by their newly remodeled dining room and full bar.  Watch out, this hopping little place can get jammed up fast as hungry beachgoers flood the place from 1130-130.  Get there early!

Left Coast Siesta:

Left coast does a few things a bit differently (sunflower seeds as an option in the burritos) and no matter what you order, you’ll be very happy.  The tequila lime chicken is always soft and wonderful.  Best bang for the buck is the wet burrito, it’s almost as big as your head, so it’s ok to eat the leftovers for breakfast with a fried egg on top. 

Vino Manzanita Wine Bar and Bistro:



Representing all things Northwest, Blackbird is slick little gem of a restaurant which creates some solid, high end dishes on a regular basis.  The menu is daily (with many recurring favorites), and even though the menu is rather carnivorous, there are always a few good meatless options available.  Great for a night out with the adults, kids are welcome, but make sure your little ones are ready for a grown up dining experience. Reservations preferred.

Neah-Kah-Nie Bistro

Another high end affair, the Bistro boasts a very solid menu of delicious northwest inspired fare, a rich list of cocktails and some great wines from the region and around the world.  Make sure to get a reservation, and the Bistro is on the smaller side and rather cozy.  Fantastic outdoor seating options when the weather cooperates. 

Manzanita News & Espresso

Magazines, newspapers, books, coffee and chill.

Big Wave Café:

Fun, local, family friendly spot for any time of day.  Seafood, salads, burgers and everything in between.


On Manzanita Ave (across the way from Fresh Foods)


Sister and Pete’s Coffee and Treats:

Coffee, pies, cookies..delicious.  Iz yummy!

A Mighty Thai


Worth noting in nearby towns: North

Cannon Beach

Tom’s Fish & Chips

This little fish and burger spot is always either our first stop to the coast, or last stop on our way back to Portland.  It’s a singular American fast food spot with char grilled burgers, fries to die for, super salads, clams, salmon, halibut and chowder (with a smoky, bacony flavor) Super friendly staff, quick service and beer on tap!

Driftwood Restaurant and Lounge:


Lazy Susan Café:


Irish Table


Mo’s Restaurant:


Pelican Brewing:


Fultano’s Pizza:


Cannon Beach Hardware and Pub:          


Newman’s at 998


Worth noting in nearby towns: South







The Pizza Garden


The Beehive:




Rising Star Café


The Roost



The Jetty Fishery & Marina


Lakeside Hideaway:


Upper Crust Pizza:


Offshore Grill and Coffeehouse


Old Oregon Smokehouse:


Pronto Pup




Pirate’s Cove Restaurant:


Fisherman’s Korner:



Bay City

The Fish Peddlar at Pacific Oyster Company: